About the Artist

I am a ceramic artist who started my career in a very traditional way with a Bachelor of Art from the University of California Berkeley and a Masters in Art History from Rosary College Graduate School of Fine Arts, at the Villa Schifanoia, Florence, Italy. I taught for five years but when public school art programs began closing due to a lack of funding, I returned to school to study ceramic engineering at Rutgers University. I earned a Master of Science in engineering and spent the next 20 years developing processes for the manufacture of glasses. Fifteen years ago I moved to Santa Fe and returned to my art and began developing my own processes to produce figurative clay art.

I sculpt freestanding sculptures and base relief wall art. My medium is both glazed stoneware and cast bronze. I find my experience in glass manufacturing especially useful in creating my own glazes. My glazes give a unique surface to my ceramic sculpture. A constant in my work is the feeling that I am painting with my glazes and patinas. A thin layer of glaze can have the appearance of a watercolor wash, where the underlying clay color becomes part of the final surface. My images are enhanced by my surfaces, which give the viewer a feeling of something natural.

My art is a celebration of the feminine, with distinctly female subject matter. There are many issues in women’s lives, which have not been addressed, seriously in modern sculpture. For me working in clay is the spiritual experience of rediscovering the feminine in myself, lost for so may years of working in the very patriarchal business world. Through my art I have recaptured the ability to express aspects of my womanhood.


RUTH WESTON    3028 Governor Lindsey Road    Santa Fe, NM 87505    505.699.6966    EMAIL